Committees & Program Coordinators

Conference Silent Auction and Raffle Managers

Silent Auction – Autumn Brown and Jennifer Wells
Raffle – Tara Locklear

The goal of the Silent Auction is to raise money for SNAG programming. The Raffle funds SNAG’s Educational Endowment Scholarships. Learn more>>>

Conference Education Resource Room

Dianne deBeixedon

An opportunity for prospective students at conferences to learn more about undergraduate and graduate degree programs and workshops. Learn more>>>

Conference New Professionals Work Exchange

Rocky Pardo

Work six hours at the SNAG conference in return for a partial refund on your conference fee. Open to selected new professionals. Learn more>>>

Conference Portfolio Review Coordinator

Sharon Massey

Members can have a private review of their work by well-respected professionals in the field. Learn more>>>

Conference Student Work Exchange

Rocky Pardo

Work six hours at the SNAG conference in return for a partial refund on your conference fee. Open to selected students. Learn more>>>

Conference Student Scholarships


Money raised underwrites the conference fee for student recipients. Learn more>>>

Conference Volunteer Coordinator

Rocky Pardo

Volunteers make SNAG’s annual conference possible! Learn more>>>

Education Dialogue

Dianne deBeixedon

Fosters open dialogue about the issues facing educators today, presented at each conference. Learn more>>>

Educational Endowment Scholarships

Liz Steiner

Awards annual scholarships to current undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more>>>

Exhibition in Print

Wendy Steiner, 2015 Guest Curator

Metalsmith’s special annual issue brings exhibitions to your doorstep. Learn more>>>

Exhibitions Planning Committee

Anne Fiala, chair
Andrew Kuebeck, Sandra Zilker, Jennifer Wells, Josh Craig

Develops traveling exhibitions and oversees the display of the curated Exhibition in Print at SOFA Chicago and The Metal Museum. Learn more>>>


Brigitte Martin and Karen Lorene, co-chairs
Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, Monica Hampton, Anne Fiala, Maia Leppo

Your tax-deductible donation in any amount will help SNAG in its mission to advance the art of jewelry and metalsmithing through its programs and publications, and will assure its financial strength. Learn more>>>

Guild Coordinator

Lauren McAdams Selden

SNAG is committed to strengthening its relationship to jewelry and metals guilds around North America.

Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Committee: Paul Smith, Chair, Lola Brooks, Bruce Pepich
Coordinator: Becky McDonah

The highest honor SNAG can bestow upon an individual. Awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the field of contemporary metalsmithing. Learn more>>>

Metalsmith Editorial Advisory Committee

Angela Bubash, Ulysses G. Dietz, Suzanne Pugh, Biba Schutz

Provides guidance, feedback, and advice to the Editor of Metalsmith. Learn more>>>

Nominations & Elections Committee

Michael Dale Bernard, Chair
Laura Wood and Daniel DiCaprio

Responsible for the nomination and election of SNAG board members and NEC committee members.

Online Presence Committee

Jen Townsend, Caitie Sellers

Coordinates  SNAG’s online projects to give a more unified vision as well as implement new directions.

Professional Development Seminar

Brigitte Martin
Andy Cooperman, Ezra Satok-Wolman, Rachel Shimpock, Rebecca Rose

A seminar on career advancement and business skills presented at each conference. Learn more>>>

Road 2 Success

Monica Hampton, Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith

An online mentoring program where established makers can transfer their business knowledge to others in the field. Learn more>>>

SOFA Lecture Series

Don Friedlich

Exposes collectors to the metals field by offering SOFA exhibitors the opportunity to present their work in a lecture format.  SNAG sponsored lectures are presented at SOFA Chicago and SOFA New York. Learn more>>>

Trunk Show Committee

Pam Robinson

A retail show of members’ work open to the public, held during the SNAG conference. Learn more>>>

Volunteer Coordinator

People make SNAG work! Get involved. Learn more>>>