Since 2001, SNAG has sponsored lectures at the International Expositions of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA). We bring some of the most interesting contemporary jewelers and metalsmiths into the public eye. All lectures are free to SOFA attendees. See www.sofaexpo.com for more information.

SOFA_CHICAGO logoUpcoming SNAG-sponsored lectures at SOFA Chicago, November 7-9, 2014:

SNAG Emerging Artists 2014
Friday, November 7, 9-10am
Artists Steven Gordon Holman, Lauren Tickle and Demitra Thomloudis will take part in the SNAG Emerging Artists panel. These three artists are represented by Charon Kransen Arts.

Carrying Devices and Other Absurdities
Friday, November 7, 10:30-11:30am
Norwegian craftsman and jewelry engineer, Sigurd Bronger challenges the jewelry tradition with absurdities he calls carrying devices: finely polished objects that combine natural and mundane materials with precious metals in ways that are surprising, technically advanced, and humorous.  Bronger discusses his inspiration, process, and materials for his one-of-a-kind pieces that playfully question the notions of design, jewelry, art, and engineering.

Contemporary Jewelry in the Donna Schneier Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Friday, November 7, 12-1pm
Donna Schneier’s historic gift of 132 pieces of international studio jewelry and the seminal exhibition that followed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, document a vibrant period in which jewelers experimented with new materials, processes and concepts. Schneier is joined by jewelry artists Bruce Metcalf, Kiff Slemmons and Don Friedlich to explore how this all happened and what impact it will have on the field. Catalog signing to follow in Donna Schneier Fine Arts, booth 820.

Steven Gordon Holman Steven Gordon Holman dog
(above: Steven Gordon Holman)

Past Lectures

SNAG Emerging Artists 2013
Dukno Yoon, Heather Bayless, and Yong Joo Kim
SOFA Chicago Nov 2013

Time is the Creator if it's Given a Chance
Daniel Pošta and Zdenek Vacĕk
SOFA Chicago Nov 2013

Living with Silver in the 21st Century
Rob and Jaap Thalen
SOFA Chicago Nov 2013

Gothic: Jewelry on the Edge
Marjorie Simon
SOFA Chicago Nov 2012

Killer Jewels
Paul McClure
SOFA Chicago Nov 2012

SNAG Emerging Artists
Heejin Hwang, Andrew Kuebeck, and Emanuela Duca
SOFA Chicago Nov 2012

Allusion, Motif and Identity in Silver
Marian Hosking
SOFA Chicago May 2012

The Transcendent Jewelry of Margaret de Patta: Vision in Motion
Ursula Ilse-Neuman
SOFA New York Apr 2012

Thinking Organically In a Digital Age
Doug Bucci
SOFA Chicago Nov 2011

Venus Adorned
Bruce Metcalf
SOFA Chicago Nov 2011

Two Visions
Sergey Jivetin and Jennifer Trask
SOFA New York Apr 2011

For People Who are Slightly Mad: American Modernist Jewelry
Panel Discussion
SOFA New York Apr 2011

Peering over the Palace Wall: The Neo-Palatial Aesthetic in Contemporary Art
Garth Clark
SOFA Chicago Nov 2010

A Wider World: Handmade and Fair Trade
Peggy Eng
SOFA Chicago Nov 2010

Holding Objects: What it Means to Wear Jewelry - The Psychoanalytic Mechanisms
Rock Hushka
SOFA New York Apr 2010

Jewelry Design: Surface in Depth
Stefano Marchette
SOFA New York Apr 2010

Simplicity, Intensity and Jewelry
Mirjam Hiller
SOFA Chicago Nov 2009

Stories from the Crystal Palace
Barbara Seidenath
SOFA Chicago Nov 2009

Allusion, Motif and Identity in Silver
Marian Hosking
SOFA New York Apr 2009

The Philanthropy of Craft: Innovative Ways to Make Your Charitable Contributions Count
Panel Discussion
SOFA Chicago Nov 2008

Why I Do What I Do
Karen Pontoppidan
SOFA New York Apr 2009

Jewelry Development
Anya Kivarkis, Suzie Ganch, and Sayumi Yokouchi
SOFA Chicago Nov 2007

Framing the Art of Jewelry
Suzanne Ramljak
SOFA Chicago Nov 2007

Exploration of Large Scale Jewelry and Scultpture
Marjorie Schick
SOFA Chicago Nov 2007

Re:Pair & Imperfection
Kiff Slemmons
SOFA New York Jun 2007

Development of Photo-etched Imagery
Bettina Speckner
SOFA Chicago Nov 2006

Naturalistically Inspired Hollowware and Jewelry Development
Sue Amendolara
SOFA Chicago Nov 2006

Aesthetic and Technical Developments
David Watkins
SOFA New York Jun 2006

Flatware: Function + Fantasy
Rosanne Raab
SOFA Chicago Oct 2005

On Jjoum-Ipsa: the Traditional Korean Damascene Technique
Jung Sil Hong
SOFA New York Jun 2005