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Donate - Society of North American Goldsmiths


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We’ve been able to do so much with your support. Please make a tax-deductible donation today of any amount and invest in SNAG’s future.

Giving Every Month (GEM) Program
Sign up to give automatically each month! Just select “Monthly Recurring Donation” when filling out the online donation form or contact SNAG at 541-345-5689.

2017 Donation Perks

Tax Deductible

Your tax-deductible donation in any amount will help SNAG in its mission to advance the art of jewelry and metalsmithing through its programs and publications, and will assure its financial strength.

The Society of North American Goldsmiths is a nonprofit public educational organization exempt from income, gift and estate taxes under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.



Thank You

We are deeply grateful to every single supporter and partner. Your contribution reflects the importance you place on services that SNAG provides to its members and to the entire jewelry and metals community, and gives SNAG the support it needs to continue serving the field.  100% of our board of directors made SNAG a priority in their annual giving.

We want to acknowledge and thank all those people who contributed in 2016. If we have inadvertently missed including you here, please email us. *Indicates those who give a donation every month (GEMs). **Indicates President’s Giving Circle.

$10,000 to $24,999
Halstead Bead, Inc.
Rio Grande

$5,000 to $9,999
Creative Metalsmiths
Kerr Corporation
Otto Frei

$2,500 to $4,999
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
Dominique Bereiter*
Cool Tools
Creative Metalworks
Downeast Trading
Cynthia Eid
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers
Hauser & Miller
J Cotter Gallery
Myron Toback Inc
North Bennet Street School
Ox Bow
Penland School of Crafts
Reactive Metals Studio
Rock Deco
Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith*
Velvet da Vinci

$1,000 to $2,499
Aaron Faber Gallery
Academy of Art University
American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE)
Armory Art Center
Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Atelier Hg & Company, Inc.
Boris Bally
Belle Brooke Designs
Belmont Metals
Denise Betesh
Alan & Kathy Bremer
Cara Romano Studio Jewelry
Center for Craft, Creativity & Design
Center for Metal Arts
Davide Bigazzi Studio
Dianne de Beixedon
Enamel Supply Warehouse
Arline Fisch**
Gallery 360
George Sawyer
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
Idyllwild Arts
International Society of Glass Beadmakers
JEC Products
Jewelers Who Think Outside the Box
John C Campbell Folk School
Knew Concepts
L. A. Pai Gallery
Linda MacNeil
Thomas R. Markusen**
Mendocino Art Center
Moeller Family Foundation
National Ornamental Metal Museum
OQZO Metalsmith
Ornamentum Gallery
Paducah School of Art and Design
Peters Valley School of Craft
Potter USA
Rare Earth Mining Co.
Rosario Garcia Designs
Savannah College of Art and Design
Studio Jewelers
Tripp Lake Camp
Tucson Gem & Mineral Society
Wayne Art Center
Kean Werner
Renee M. Zettle-Sterling* **

$500 to $999
Aaron Faber Gallery
David Aizenman
Sue Amendolara**
Arttech Casting Company
Chris Balch
Anne Barros Silversmith
Hanne Behrens
Bella Linda Jewelry & Event Designer
Bender Gallery
Helen Blythe-Hart
Gail M. Brown
Leslie Chapman
Alaina Clarke
Creative Side Jewelry Academy
Susan Cummins
Equinox Gallery
Brian Ferrell
Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h
Lois Gore
Anne Havel*
Mary Lee Hu
Jacoby Gems
Nicole Jacquard**
Jesper S Jensen MGH
Giselle Kolb
Robin Kraft
Melissa Joy Manning
Martin Ebbers – MARTINUS
Becky & Tedd McDonah
Alicia Minette
Valerie Mitchell
Rika Mouw
Oregon College of Art and Craft
Outnumbered Gallery
Pat Flynn
Racine Art Museum
Tim Roark, Inc.
Sienna Gallery
Thea Izzi Jewelry Design
Thomas Herman Studio
Linda Threadgill
United Precious Metals Refining
Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts
Barbara Waldman
April Wood

$250 to $499
A Jeweler’s Art
Chris Amundsen
Barbara Heinrich Studio
Brooke Battles
Elaine & Michael Bennett
Kendra Bruno*
Melissa Cameron
Patricia Carlson
Cheryl Rydmark Goldsmith
Kat Cole
John T. Crutchfield
E-Z Lap
Peter W. Gilroy
Valerie Hector
John Iversen
Janis Kerman Designs
(KoT) Contemporary Functional Craft
Tamara Laird
Legacy Findings
Betty Helen Longhi
Sydney Lynch
Brigitte Martin
Paul McClure*
Mora Contemporary Jewlery
Tom Muir
Gary Noffke
Paul Michael Designs
Phillip Read
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
Jane Ritchie*
Karen & Michael Rotenberg
Stephen Saracino
Ezra Satok-Wolman
Lin Stanionis
Sunstone Engineering
Techform Advanced Casting Technology
The Enamelist Society
Theresa St. Romain
Thomas Mann Design
Jessica Todd
Wear Ever Custom Jewelry

$100 to $249
Phillip Baldwin
Haley Renee Bates
Lois Etherington Betteridge
Birches Foundation
Tracy Lee Black
Sydney Brown
Ashley Buchanan
Eric Burris
Karen A. Cantine
Sarabeth Carnat*
Rachel Carren
Hanna Cook-Wallace*
Donna D’Aquino
Erica DeMarco
Alissa Ehrenkranz
Lilly Fitzgerald
Steven Ford & David Forlano
Don Friedlich**
Bill Gangi
Joanna Gollberg
Haydn Hasty
Haywood Community College
Anne M. Heinz
Lisa Jelliffe*
Linda Kaye-Moses
Betty Sue King
Lisa Klakulak
Bill Kolk
Charon Kransen
Sue Kwak
Linda Lasater
Ruth Laug
Anne Lingener-Reece
Terri Logan
Randy Long
Deborah K. Lozier
Jan Maddox

$100 to $249 continued
Sally Mayer
Barbara McFadyen
Patience Morgan
Jean Oristano
Mary Orsini
emiko oye & Matthew Cantu
Louise Perrone
Nash Quinn
Mary Raivel
Suzanne Ramljak
Hila Rosen
Alburn R. Sleeper
James Smith
Susanna Stachura
Douglas Steakley
Donald A. Stuart**
Barbara Stutman
Rachelle Thiewes
Kelly Tzannes
Alice Van De Wetering
Joanne E. Vuillemot*
Linda Weiss

$99 and under
Lisa Abram-Kolodenko
Shoshana Abrass
Susanna Speirs Ali
Jowita Allen
Hannah Allison
Kristin Anderson
Susie Aoki
Judy Arginteanu
Amy Sookyung Augustin
David & Karen Baker
Scott Baker
Baltimore Jewelry Center
Jeri Bartley
Paul Bensel
Michael Bernard
Deitra Blackwell
Wade Blevins
Jim Bove
Lolly Braun
Miles Breshears
Donna Briskin
Benicia Broeker
Stephanie Brohman
Sara Brown
Susan Bryan
Angela Bubash
Peggie Calame
Patrice Case
Dana Cassara
Judy Clinton
James Cohen
David Cole
Donald Crone
Erin Cross
Jennifer Cross Gans
Beth Cyr
Elizabeth Dalzell
Luiza deCamargo
Umut Demirguc Thurman
Nicole Deschamps-Benke
Jiangliu Dong
Terri Dworkin
Morgan Eisaman
Jasmine Faber
Teresa Faris
Carly Feddersen
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner
Kate Fitzgerald
Genevieve Flynn
Phyllis Fulton
John Garbett
Beth Ann Gerstein
Lynn Givens
Kristina Grace
Missy Graff Ballone
Adrienne M. Grafton
Green Lion
Rebecca Hannon
Patricia Harris
Miriam Harris
Deborah Haug
Stormy Haverkate
Vincent Hawley
Jill Herlands
Floy Osborne Hidalgo
Renee Holliday
Susan Holt
Janet Huddie
Carol Huntington
IU Metals Guild
Maamoun Jabali
Marek Janus
Cathryn Jasterzbski
Lois Jecklin
Soojin Jeong
Mary Frisbee Johnson
Stewart Jones
Vera E. Kaminski
Deb Karash
Masumi Kataoka
Sali Katz
Judith Kenny
Lanelle Keyes
Jill Kiezebrink
Galatea Kontos
Charles A. Kumnick
Victoria Lansford
Barbara J. Larson
Terrence Lavin
Katherine Liounis
Linda Lorndale
Teresa Lovering-Brown
Elizabete Ludviks
Kate Lydon
Asagi Maeda
Linda Magi
Jan Mandel
Jacob Mans
Tracy Matthews
Cheryl McCloud
Will McConnell
Christina  McCormack
Thomas McLaughlin
Svetlana McMahon
Hilda Melchior
Jay H. Messinger
Marian Miller
Keiko Mita
Lisa Monahan
Gail Moriarty
Eleanor Moty
Gina Schaeffer Murfin
Kat Myers
Madonna Narvaez
Tamar Navama
Kelly Nedderman
Sonja Neven
Pamela Orient
Sun Wook Paik
Pierre-Yves Paquette
Kelsey Pardonner
Pamela L. Pastoric (In Memory of Betsy Douglas)
Ayalah Podwal
Mini A. Polumbaum
Linda K. Priest
Suzanne Pugh
Quench Jewelry Arts
John Rais
Rachel Rearick
Sherri Reed
Phillip Renato
David Rogers
Laura Rose
Cyd Rowley
David Rubin
Helene Safire
Rachel Saul
Daniel Schlosser
Greta Segil
Beverly Seley
Julie Shaw
Sondra Sherman
Amanda Shin
Marjorie Simon
Nicole Singer
Angelina Smith
Smith Shop
Heather Smotzer
Nelson Spencer
Laura Stanger
Liz Steiner
Gerrit Stover
Ellen Sumono
Linda Suter
Sherry Terao
Terry Thompson
Donna Tippens
Marlene True
Charlene Tullo
Lorraine Vagner
Athanasia Vayianou
Becky Waehner
Lynn K. Wall
Erica Walther
Carol Warner
Karin Waters
Charlotte Wear
David Wendelken
Nicole West
Claude West, Jr.
Gina Westergard
Alexandra White
Heather Widner
Tina Wiltsie
CeCe Wire
Julia Woodman
Alekz Xavier
Sylvia M. Youell
Gwen Youngblood
Stephen Yusko
Leslie Zemenek
Lu Nan Zhang