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From the very first issue of the organization’s newsletter in August 1975, SNAG has been committed to sharing technical information for the benefit of its members. Thirty-five years later, SNAG continues this tradition, publishing regular technical articles in every issue of SNAG News.

All articles have been reprinted exactly as they were originally published, so some information may be out of date. Editor James Thurman felt that having an accurate glimpse into our past is more valuable than being concerned that a particular supplier might be out of business or that a safety procedure is no longer entirely correct.

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SNAG pays $100 per page (up to 4 pages) for informative technical articles aimed at any level – from intermediate to advanced, from student to the highly skilled professional. If you teach a workshop, have a clever bench trick or technique of interest to other jewelers and metalsmiths or have more academically based technical research, please share it with our SNAG community.

Before beginning work on your article, email Technical Editor James Thurman with your idea, and for more information about deadlines.