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Thank you donors!

We are excited to announce that SNAG has met its $50,000 Windgate Challenge Grant in eight months! We have received $50,000 in new and increased donations over the last eight months to achieve our goal. This means for all of you who were new donors or increased your giving, your amount was matched dollar for dollar by the Windgate Charitable Foundation. Thank you to everyone who contributed and thank you to Windgate for helping SNAG become more sustainable. Make a donation.

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The Legacy of an Artist and Board Member

Dominique BDid you know that as an artist you can begin planning your legacy at any point in time? It is never too soon or too late to plan how you want to be remembered. Think about your legacy and what your contributions may mean to the field you loved all your life. Board Member and Artist, Dominique Bereiter, shares with SNAG why she chose to support her favorite jewelry organization as a part of her legacy giving:

Art appreciation has always been central to my life. But it is only over the last five years, when I was spending full time in my studio creating jewelry, that I began to realize my need for a constant, supportive community of makers.

I joined SNAG in 2010 and that membership opened up a new world of community and possibilities to me. I have been lucky and privileged to serve as the Minneapolis conference co-chair. It was a huge task, but a very rewarding one. I met many wonderful people, jewelers, blacksmiths, and other metalsmith artists willing to share their love of making, and the diverse techniques they use. I enjoy listening to their stories, their ways of making a living as an artist. Over time, the SNAG community became a large part of my life, and I cannot overstate how important the organization has become to me.

Many artists pursue their dream of being a working metalsmith, but that is not easy to accomplish financially. Cognizant of this fact, SNAG has a long history of helping creatives through sharing important business related information, as well as providing financial assistance through scholarships. In order to support the field in this manner, SNAG needs to continually raise funds. I have been a benefactor of SNAG programming in the past and witnessed first-hand what an impact the organization creates. Because the organization’s educational and philanthropic mission is so very close to my heart, I have started to think of ways to actively support SNAG’s important mission myself.

Looking at my own life, the paths I have taken, the legacy of work and information I will be able to share and leave to those that come after me, giving back to SNAG in the form of a bequest was an easy and comfortable decision for me My bequest enables me to leave a permanent mark in the jewelry world, one that is meaningful to me and makes a difference in the lives of fellow makers that will come after me. I cannot think of a better way to support the future of metalsmithing than by donating to the one organization that has helped me constantly during all my active years. SNAG will be a beneficiary in my will.

Please join me and consider SNAG for a bequest. If you have questions around how to set this up and would like to reach out, please contact me at, or contact Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith via

With my best wishes,
Dominique Bereiter
SNAG, Board of Directors


The most recent National Committee on Planned Giving survey offers some insight into why people make charitable bequests:

97 percent say they care about the charity
82 percent want to do something special
35 percent use planned giving as an income or estate tax planning strategy
21 percent say they know someone at the organization

Only 20% of Americans make a planned gift! By making a planned gift you can help out an important organization in YOUR community (like SNAG.) Do you want to start  creating your legacy today? Check out to have some of your questions answered. Contact Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith if you’d like to make your legacy a part of the SNAG history.

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Use Amazon Smile & Support SNAG

Amazon customers can select a 501c3 organization to receive donations of .5% of the sale price of eligible purchases when shopping on Amazon!



Support and donate to SNAG throughout the year with money that would otherwise go to a credit card company.

Includes tens of millions of products, as well as digital (downloadable) media (kindle, movies, etc).

Amazon does not share any customer information with us regarding who has selected our organization.

AmazonSmile is a different shopping site than Amazon. You should start at the AmazonSmile site so that your purchases will be eligible for the donation. You may need to clear your browser history of so that it defaults to You can buy items that are not eligible for AmazonSmile through the AmazonSmile site.  When items are eligible it will say “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” under the shipping info.

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